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Silver Red Vase Necklace


“Silver Red Vase Necklace” is a Ready to Wear necklace made in 2020.

This necklace is made of alginate lacquered with 5 layers of red lacquer, artificial pearls and silver 925.

The size of the pendant piece is 4 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm, the length of the chain is 45 cm.

The weight is 8,6 gram.

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Silver Red Vase Necklace is a contemporary piece made of alginate, silver 925 and artificial pearls. I’ve used this material for a contemporary wearable necklace symbolizing passion. It is set in alginate, which is painted with red lacquer. The chain is a ball thin type made of 925 silver.

I’ve made my first works with alginate in the collection Worms: Into the Unknown. Alginate is a material derived from algae. As a purely biological material it is safe and environmentally friendly. It is an exceptional skin safe body molding material. Alginate is suitable for making temporary molds, it absorbs water quickly. After the water evaporates, the shape shrinks and dries out. It is very lightweight. This was the moment where I decided to make jewelry of it. I’ve often changed, further carved, colored, or coated the imprint.

These pieces include cement, pigments or sand. What are these objects? They are mild forms, imprints of shells, skeletons of marine organisms, parts of melted sand grains together. Or the unknown nature which we cannot see. This jewellery shows how I see the real, or even the unreal. There are not real found shells, or coral skeletons, there are only three-dimensional pictures of it. What could be, seems more real than visible things. The game played by real and not real, takes place in jewellery and wearer’s body.

Silver Red Vase Necklace is easy to wear and a real connection between our passion and outer world.