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Snail pendant


“Snail pendant” pendant on a silver chain.

Silver chain is 80 centimeters long.

Materials are shell, silver 925, glass granules and glass stones.

Pendant is 4 x 3 x 3 centimeters.

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Snail pendant is made of a snail shell called Helix pomatia, a terrestrial gastropod found in Europe. They live in forests, open habitats, gardens, wineyards. It lives up to 2100 m above sea level in the Alps. It’s creamy white to light brownish colour fascinated me to make this pendant. I have polished the surface of the shell to make it shine when worn. The pendant comes with a 80 centimeters long silver ball chain.

Snails have a rich myths and legends history in different cultures. The spiral of the snail’s shell is symbolic of the moon and it’s phases in Mexico. In ancient Egypt, the spiral was a symbol of progress of life. Old European religions linked snails with farming and agricultural cycles after seeing theit shells after a good rain.