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Sonus Ring


„Sonus Ring“ was made in 2016 as a part of the Orbis Regius collection.

This ring is made of banana wood, silver 925, micro granules, pink and yellow lacquer.

The size is 55/17,5/7 and measurements are 4,5 x 3,5 x 3,5 centimeters.

It weights 10,3 gram.

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Inspiration from the deepest bottom of the sea comes out in the Sonus Ring. Especially the pink colour goes in yellow with a sparkle of micro granules on it. Collection Orbis Regius is about the perfection of nature’s forms. The beauty of the material challenge me to create jewellery pieces of resemblant quality. Sometimes, my workbench looks like a natural history collection. Driftwood of a wayward-knotted shape, pieces of coral and lichen. Dried scale of a carp, petrified sea shell, amber or a sea urchin skeleton gather there. Divergent material properties meet another in unusual combinations. Soft and amorphous runs into hard and edged, translucent stones into matt light absorbing bodies.

The environment is growing as we all are connected at least for a second. We are sending signals of colorful tones swinging over the seas blue roads and red shadows, to the orchestra of galaxies. In contrast, an unexpected eruption, a taste explosion, a fabulous naked miracle of surprise is the true colour of orgiastic blossom.