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Spetia Violetta Brooch


“Spetia Violetta Brooch” is from the collection Worms: Into the unknown 2012.

This brooch is made of driftwood, alginate, silver sheet, silver 925, acrylic poaint, rock crystal and micro granules.

Driftwood and alginate part is painted with violet and black lacquer and partly covered with silver sheet.

The steel needle is mounted on wooden part on the back. The size of this piece is 14 x 5 x 3,5 centimeters.

It weights 17,7 gram.

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Spetia Violetta brooch is one of the first and significant pieces for the Worms: Into the Unknown collection. It consist of a natural formed driftwood painted with violet and black acrylic paint, silver coloured micro-granules, silver sheet, oxidized silver connections and a faceted quartz drop.

Far below the horizon, in the darkness of the ocean it lives unobserved by humans. Where the light goes out and ceases to exist, romp creatures of unknown nature. They lure us in mysterious ways, open up their habitat and run off with us into their closed world.
The deeper the unknown, the more intoxicating the world is. The inspiration’s floating in weightless state, it never stands still. By movements of the water pulled back and forth – a solid bottom does not exist.
An unsatisfied thirst for knowledge, which drives to work, creates unique pieces that tell a story. The devotion to nature and jewelry rewarded with an open field of imagination, inspiration that’s wearable, and moreover an absolute revelation of one’s own feeling.”


What are these objects? They are mild forms, imprints of shells, skeletons of marine organisms, parts of melted sand grains together, or the unknown nature which we cannot see. This jewellery shows how I see the real, or even the unreal. There are not real found shells, or coral skeletons, there are only three-dimensional pictures of it. And what could be seems more real than what is. The game played by real and not real takes place in jewelry and wearer’s body.”

Spetia Violetta brooch belongs to my 2012’s works, like the Blue Tunnel brooch.