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Titanium Opal Earrings


Titanium Opal Earrings are asymmetrical, made of hand cut beautiful multicolor natural opals from Australia set in anodized titanium, with silver 925 studs.

The gems sparkle like fire in green-yellow-orange colour and are free-form cut. Titanium is anodized in purple.

The size is 1,6 x 1,3 x 0,9 cm and 1,8 x 1,55 x 1,1 cm,

The weight is 5 gram.

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Titanium Opal Earrings are unique, different and assymetrical! Made of hand cut beautiful natural opals set in anodized titanium, with silver studs. This unusual combination is a guarantee that you won’t find another one like this. The gems sparkle like fire in green-yellow-orange colour. I use titanium grade 1, which is „unalloyed“ titanium and contains lowest oxygen, hydrogen and iron levels. It’s durability, light weight, and dent and corrosion resistance make it a perfect jewellery material, that can  be also coloured/anodized in a variety of bright colours. Anodized titanium has an oxide layer, without dyes. The colour formed is dependent on the thickness of the oxide, it is caused by the interference of light reflecting off the oxide surface.

The Fascination of Gemstone Cutting

Gemstone cutting is a constant discovery and challenge for me.

To figure out the subtle characteristics of each individual mineral in practice fascinates me.

Each of them must be treated individually.

The smooth polished surfaces, Facets, reflect and refract the entering light.

This light often splits up in multi-colors, and so inflames the „inner fire“ of the stone.

To ignite this fire is the reward for my love to the stone.

This flame is the secret of my dreams.

Titanium Opal Earrings are delicate and shiny and would fit to Collier Cornelia.