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Blue necklace with wood
portrait Viktoria Münzker Ferus

I'm a professional jewellery artist born in Slovakia and living in Austria. Since 2005 I'm taking part in international awards and exhibitions. 2012 I’ve won the first prize “Azur” Jewellery Art Contest International Baltic Jewellery Show ‘AMBER TRIP’, Vilnius Lithuania, 2013 First prize in Gioielli in Fermento Torre Fornello Award, Italy and 2016 First Prize in Arts and Craft International Design Award.

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Triadem Pearl Collier


“Triadem Pearl Collier” made in 2016 for the Crystal Odyssey collection.

Made of real pearls (9-11 milimeters), driftwood, silver 925, micro granules, white gold plated chain ball lock and lacquer.

Three cones fixed on strong silver pins and lacquered in white.

The lenght is 43 centimeters, the cones are about 4 x 3,5 x 3,5 centimeters each.


Creativity is a continuum. Triadem Pearl Collier stands for a never ending story, Always surprising me with unknown design possibilities. Nature is a creator that is growing in its own world. The inspiration, that comes from nature has a power of its own. I use this power to realize my idea. A vision of a piece of jewellery inspired by nature, made of nature materials. It is made for the expirience of wearing.

Triadem Pearl Collier originates directly from the atmosphere in forest. It is about the process of growth and about the beauty of a special moment in life.

Crystal Odyssey

Imagine your boat drifting in the winds
towards the stars of Crystal Odyssey
nothing is real
everything is fantasy
kaleidoscope skies with your head in the clouds
there is a place of diamond fields
lonely hearts standing there
where are they coming from

words are sea of green, gold and blue
follow the man next door
the sun will know
all you need is everyone

across the lane we live a life of ease
return to the galaxy of souls
where the crystal odyssey was written
and coloured in memories


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