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Tubularia Perla brooch


“Tubularia Perla brooch” was made for the collection Worms: Into the Unknown in 2012

Especially for this brooch I have faceted a special stone, Lybian desert glass. The stone is oval, 20 x 12 milimeters.

Other materials I have used are alpaca, driftwood, micro granules and plastic pearls.

Size 15 x 8 x 4 centimeters.

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When I made Tubularia perla brooch I was thinking about strange sea animals with light transparent colours. To create something like these species was challenging. I like challenges. They push me on. Every new work is a challenge for me. I treat every piece individually. The more complicated the work is, the greater the challenge. A challenge for me is always the theme which I process in my collections and single pieces. 

In the collection Worms: Into the Unknown from 2012, I was focusing on essentials and not on external conditions. We reach blurred lines between natural and artificial by our relationships.