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Wings of my Angel Brooch


“Wings of my Angel” brooch is one of the main jewellery pieces from the 2017 collection Microvita.

This brooch is made of operculum (fish bones), bronze, silver 925, synthetic topaz, micro granules lacquer and a steel needle.

The size is 11,5 x 7 x 1,5 centimeters.

It weights 38,5 gram.

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Wings of my Angel Brooch is a special composition of fish bones, bronze, silver and synthetic topaz. I painted it abstract, with blue, violet and pink. It reminds of a butterfly or an unknown species from the sea. Symbolical, dreamy and fantastic are floating into each other.

The Fish can be an archetypal and a depth analytical symbol for the (under water) hidden truth, which is to be caught and to be revealed.

First it shimmers in concealment, easily slips away from the fisherman but promises food. The form of the bones, that give the shape to the piece reminds of a butterfly. Butterfly is seen as a personification of a person’s soul and rebirth.

Fish bone is the material that I use in my Microvita collection. It has already strong visual characteristics. It’s texture is natural and tempts to touch.

Nature and phantasy becomes one. I create my jewellery objects as materialized imaginations. It’s not how the things really are. How they could be – that is the point of aesthetical capability. I create forms which report about themselves. Strange, till we realize a reflection of our own psyche in it. The creations origin in deeper layers of human consciousness. Feelings, wishes, fears and instincts drift on the bottom of the soul.

Butterfly Reality

Predictability is limited. Nature itself defies expectations and comprehensibility. Limitations on predictability could be caused by lack of information or extreme complexity.

Driven by my desire, I allow my intuition to lead and guide my hands when I’m working. I’m interested in unexpectable wild scenes of universe.

Between inside and out, original and addition, structure and façade there is tension. Pure form is interrogated in a way that reveals its twisted and splintered structure. This apparent chaos actually constructs the body of the jewelry pieces. The internal disorder produces the bar even while splitting it. It is actually constructed out of fragments of that world. The surface is a side effect of the dialogue between internal contorted geometry and external geometry.

Wings of my Angel Brooch is also pictured in my book Microvita.